Human Resoruces

       This is our most valuable asset of our company that manages all departments. If our  company wants to have a brighter future, then it is only possible with its employees.

       With the idea that a mind that follows up and questions the innovations can only be possible with training, our policy created to catch up with a continuously improving age gives specific importance to group and non-group training.

       In line with this, we are receiving an ever increasing efficiency from  our staff members in  our fields of business. Among our privileges are ensuring that our employees are well aware of  the work they do, being socially responsible, conscious of safety and health at work with participative spirit.                                                                                                    


For career opportunities in AIR Kargo, you can send your applications to For our vacant positions, we choose appropriate candidates from the applications pool. You can visit our website to have detailed information about our departments, and send your CV to us by indicating the department where you intend to work.

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