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This is our most valuable asset of our company that manages all departments. If our company wants to have a brighter future, then it is only possible with its employees. With the idea that a mind that follows up and questions the innovations can only be possible with training, our policy created to catch up with a continuously improving age gives specific importance to group and non-group training. In line with this, we are receiving an ever increasing efficiency from our staff members in our fields of business. Among our privileges are ensuring that our employees are well aware of the work they do, being socially responsible, conscious of safety and health at work with participative spirit.


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Customer satisfaction is very important for us. Therefore, when we receive an e-mail from you indicating your reasons for complaint, our fellow staff members conducts a detailed investigation on the complaint, and provides you feedback. All sorts of solutions methods will be investigated and applied for your problems until agreement or customer satisfaction. To contact us, click the e-mail address below

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Our corporate marketing activities include all airlines in the world under agreements. We also provide hotel bookings. Thus we are able to meet ticket needs of businesses and corporations under a specific and special operating system. Among our services are online request system, change and cancellation solutions, data security, operation, forward operations, customised operations for customers, planning system according to enterprise, domestic tickets, charter tickets, plane rental, VIP Transfer, Car Rental.


With our policies, we always go for a pioneering role in every field in which we provide service. We provide service to you under our customer-oriented business principles, as well as quick and reliable business methods. We put the customer satisfaction at the top of list, as well as ensure its continuity. From the very first moment that you come up with even a minor dissatisfaction, we strive to provide you with a solution offer after conducting objective investigations. Conscious of the responsibility imposed on us by the service sector, our company accepts your every complaint as an opportunity of improvement, and continuously works for improving itself in this regard. The most important things for us are our customers and their satisfaction.